When furtive lips find an attentive ear to reveal a shrouded truth, its unveiling may lend it unrecognizable, rusty or disjointed from having been concealed in the cramped compartment of a heavy heart. Secrets in themselves may appear wrongfully irrelevant, while the reasons they were kept do not. 

Refusal to explore the darker reaches of the heart will disable the experience of wonder, magic and joy of love, for just as goodness cannot be trusted unless it has breathed the same air as evil, so within the melody of a delicate love song, one must acknowledge its capacity for deceit.


A second chance is a hopeful opportunity to learn from the past and adjust for the future by seizing the present moment. This is depicted within an encased diptych of proud, prancing horses, each caught between two dimensions with a target to succeed and an empty chalice to be filled.

There is a time to live and a time to die. Choose wisely how you your time is spent. 

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