My 3 dimensional assemblage works are created from a collection of discarded & salvaged objects, many of which have been gifted to me by supportive art admirers with faith in my ability to give these recycled materials a new purposeful life. 

Due to their delicate intricacies, special handling by professional art shippers is required for purchases outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Not all assemblages are eligible for mailing services. Please email me to inquire. 

The Weight of Her Words.JPG


My 2 dimensional collage works are created using a variety of paper clippings, torn textiles, paint, and sealing adhesives. Collage was the first medium I devoted myself to and holds a special place in my heart for having opened the door to my path as an artist. 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am working on

6x6 small collage pieces while Sheltering In Place.

For wide accessibility, I have affordably priced each at $50. 

The Memory of Pain.jpeg
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